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Current recording studio.

2009-01-03 16:52:07 by sirtom93

Yes, I have one in my house. It took allot of time and money to make.

First track (not noise or drone or anything that is extremely easy to make) is almost done.

Nvm the Christmas stockings.

Current recording studio.


2008-11-22 20:27:53 by sirtom93

Listen to my music, I know you hate it.


BBS rules.

2008-09-28 13:50:28 by sirtom93

Ok recently I was given a 3 day ban for "back seat modding" - if anyone has received a ban for this you will know how much of a joke it is. Like getting banned for helping out, I practicaly said "no hate crew, dont be abusive" to someone who made a "kill the kk krew", I personaly don't think that is deserving of a 3 day ban.

Also "posting in a spam thread" ban - seriously needs to be rethought out, these bans do nothing to re-educate newgrounders, they just make them hate the rules/mods and the admins that wrote them.

Who is with me?

Kind regards -

Newgrounds London meet!

2008-08-31 13:42:47 by sirtom93

It was very good to meet people off newgrounds ...
I only stayed for like 5 or so hours because I needed to get back.

*awaiting image*

[EDIT] - image found - me standing next to Chris I believe :3

Newgrounds London meet!

Ng London meetup.

2008-08-25 15:04:40 by sirtom93

In just over 4 days - I cannot control my excitement :3

Let's stop reproducing.

2008-08-23 00:40:36 by sirtom93

For about 20 years, all of us. It would be interesting to see the results. Am I right?


2008-08-21 11:56:53 by sirtom93


God will forgive them and let them into heaven, I cannot live with this.

I can assure you this will be the greatest film you will see in your lifetime.

Dead mans shoes is the greatest film ever.

Free Gary!!!!

2008-08-07 19:54:25 by sirtom93

I support Gary mckinnon's case as he showed Americas security for what it is - shit. So read about his support campaign here

And watch this rather long video to find out who he is and why he kicks noob lamer ass -

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Blank post.

2008-07-29 21:12:16 by sirtom93

I will soon fill this post with interesting stuff of and interesting nature. Here is a song I like -

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