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Comments (288)

Looks... small and cosy.

Yeah, it's next to my dining room table.

When you're down, upload it to NG and message me. I wanna hear that shit!

Will do.

Reminds me of my old recording studio. I think that's the same amp I used to use too. :3

Yeah it's a "practice amp".

What firm of guitar you have ?
Its this fender ?
I like fenders really much.
But i am not playitn guitar my familyt all are playing guitars ai love djembes.
Why do you have yellow buttons ?

It's an encore. The keys are yellow because it's my mums laptop which is used in infant school so they can see the letters.

I like how you get the music from the amp to the laptop. lol

Yes, pretty hi-tech.

hey! I have the exact same guitar!


look forward to song

I made one, guitar did not come out to well though :/

how do i record music lol
i cant figure out how to get fruity loops either lol ;_;

There are many ways to record music. Fruity loops, you can get the demo of the site.

Soooo...you just basically sit in your kitchen and record there?

Rock on, then!

That is actually my dining room, we don't have a carpet in my kitchen for hygene reasons.

lolz nice socks hehehe (next to the guitar)

Christmas stockings.

Smaller spaces = better reverb

Try moving your mic about a foot away close to a wall to get a natural reverb.

I will try that :3

wat up?

Not much man, not much. My B-day is on the 3rd of feb :3

Wow, we have the same guitar...Except mine has a Maple fretboard. lol

Heh, It's just a basic encore one.

Well, the same finish, anyway. That's a Fender (Mex) Strat, right?

Yeah I suppose.

Hrm...It has 22 frets? Then it's not a Mex Strat. lol So it's either an American or a Squire. lol
What is 'encore', I don't recognize that name.

Sorry for the newspost spamming. ^^

Encore is the make, I am not too well up on guitars.

1. Recording studio does not equal a computer with a guitar amp and microphone
2. Putting a lead from your amp headphone port to your computer is not "hi-tech"
3. Encores are not Fenders
4. "Practise Amp" is not a make or model of amp. It is a type of amp.
5. I love you :)

This was mostly humor.

fucn nic gear


How exactly did you pull this off? And what kind of software are you using? I'm interested in doing something similar, and this looks awesome.

I just use audacity to record, which is free, and I make drum tracks etc.. in fruity loops.

So do you have anything besides guitar? computer generated anything?

Drums are, and errm I sing into mic.

The buttons on your laptop are annoyingly yellow.

My mums infant school laptop :/

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